About Julie


Julie Mainstone is a singer of traditional music who generously and easily welcomes her listeners into story.  Ballads, folksongs, gospel, and original compositions are given to the listener with gentle intensity and no pretense.  Combine this with her passion for research and great devotion to the preservation of tradition, and the result is arresting.


Julie has just released her second recording, On the Blessed Road, produce by Kat Eggleston and featuring the stellar musicianship of Chicago's Jimmy Keane on accordion, and a host of players who make their home in and around the Pacific Norhtwest:  Mark Graham on harmonica, Kate MacLeod on violin and vocals, Kat Eggleston on guitar and vocals, John Dally on Jaw harp and Scottish smallpipes, Steve Amsden on guitar, and wally Bell on mounain dulcimer and cittern.


Featured on the album are three songs from Carrie Grover's songbook,  'A Heritage of Songs", an out of print collection that spanned five generations of one Nova Scotian family's songs.  Mainstone is an expressive and versatile singer whose natural talent, extensive travels, and apssion for old songs have made her one of the Northwest's finest interpreters of traditional song.I 





You'll often hear Julie singing traditional ballads and folksongs, but another side of her music reflects the nature of her spirituality through songs she's adapted from hymnals, traditional gospel, and music she's penned herself.  Interwoven in a managerie of melody and verse,  Julie brings a passion and grace to her music that is captivating and haunting.